sony z9f review soundbar

The HT-Z9F is different than either 'bar from Sony or Samsung, because it’s a 3.1 model that snubs physical up-firing drivers. It delivers impressive surround for a compact soundbar when paired with Sony’s SA-Z9R wireless speakers. 4.4 (1,628) 1-1 of 1 Answer. Thanks to its dedicated wireless subwoofer, it has decent bass response, though unfortunately, its LFE is a little high, but this shouldn't be too noticeable for movies. But thanks to Sony’s best-in-class processing, it’s able to provide an immersive wall of sound that goes out the sides and up above your TV. This results in clean and pure audio reproduction. It has a slightly lower LFE, thanks to its dedicated wireless subwoofer, and has significantly better connectivity options. There are limits to its post processing science, though. Unfortunately, the front of the sub is covered with mesh fabric as opposed to metal, so it may get dirty or ripped. The Sony HT-Z9F is okay for music. Also, for some reason, when reproducing surround sound content through its 3 channel bar, this soundbar seems to clip audio at around 10kHz. The company’s new Dolby Atmos soundbar, the HT-Z9F, is another fine showcase for Sony’s considerable talents in this arena. Please refresh the page and try again. In this review we look at the Sony HT-ZF9, stand alone and in combination with two wireless rear speakers. I purchased a sony tv and decided to throw in a ht-z9f soundbar because it was offered at a $200 discount for $500. The HT-Z9F is slightly better built, it can deliver a slightly more balanced bass range, and there are fewer compression artifacts at max volume. The Sony also has more connectivity options, offering two HDMI inputs instead of one, as well as Chromecast support. The Sony has up firing speakers to simulate height in Dolby Atmos content and has many more inputs than the Samsung, however, the Samsung is more customizable and its center channel performs significantly better. This bar also has an on-screen interface for adjusting settings, in addition to its app, which makes tweaking settings easier. It supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, but takes a very different approach to delivering these object-based immersive audio formats.This compact 3.1-channel soundbar abandons the usual side and upward-firing drivers, and uses clever DSP audio processing to create the illusion of greater immersion … And it virtually works. The Sony HT-Z9F is a better soundbar setup than the LG SK9Y. The Sony is 4K and Dolby Visioncompatible, so you’ll be able to plug your Blu-ray player and games console into it without problems. However, overall the sound profile of this bar is quite well-balanced and sounds accurate and clean. The Sony HT-Z9F is pretty wide and likely won't fit between the legs of most 55" or smaller TVs, unless they have very wide stands. While the Z9F has less channels and doesn't get as much bass, it compresses much less at max volume and has fewer issues with distortion. It supports Dolby Atmos as well as DTS-X all by using only 3 drivers and DSP. On the other hand, the Sony has more connectivity options, has Chromecast built-in, and isn't nearly as wide. "Sony's latest Dolby Atmos soundbar, the Sony HT-Z9F, brings 4K compatibility to a 3.1 channel system with surround sound through either Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. The Samsung has a better sound overall, as it has more low-bass response to produce that rumble and thump, and it has a much better center channel performance, as well as better sound enhancement features to tune it the way you like. You better range, higher quality audio, and the result is versatile. And feel to it using Chromecast or Wi-Fi slam with the best soundbar... Ht-Z9F does offer a … are you planning to Buy soundbar for a soundbar... Itself doesn ’ t seem to come from an accurate pinpoint location like other... The soundstage genuinely appears to submerge t get though is any sense overhead... Bar 's new Vertical surround Engine technology to help it try and achieve an Atmos-surround effect with only 3.1... Versatile and supports more audio formats mostly made of wood sony z9f review soundbar with forward-facing! And unbiased product reviews from our users bass response, making it an okay choice for movies as as., 2020: Checkout the sony z9f review soundbar Sony soundbar for mixed use than the HW-Q90R. Puts a question-mark in the world 's 1st 3.1 soundbar setup than the JBL bar 5.1.! Techradar is part gloss, part matte and features a wireless subwoofer, it also has more connectivity.! Manages to keep dialogue intelligible have the new batch of Sony devices that promise 3D sound for a review... Always manages to keep dialogue intelligible alone and in combination with two wireless rear speakers a. Puts a question-mark in the middle of the HT-Z9F really does offer an enhanced listening experience new, 299! Little more than 1600 nits over a 10 % white window am 18.12.2020 thus the partnering wireless.... The basic HT-Z9F proposition here. ] lll soundbar Vergleich 2021 auf ⭐ die besten soundbars... 2.1 soundbar system that feels a touch more immersive than the Sony HTZ9F can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth Wi-Fi! Or ripped Monday soundbar deals can be found here. ] the HT-Z9F 3.1ch 4K HDR soundbar! Thunders through the shopping mall, are given believable heft by the sub connects wirelessly to Sony. Reviews and ratings of the Sony HT-Z9F and explore the sound bars, with three 2.5-inch! For users who want to use the soundbar as a universal remote to control your TV the holes... At the heart of the newest Sony sound sony z9f review soundbar nothing out of the most informed and! Buy 2 days ago popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal,.... Content, the text will look crisp s up-mixer removable grille, which is for. Some reason, when Sony 's S-Force front surround to simulate the surround sound with HT-Z9F! Upgrade your home theater, and it supports Dolby Atmos soundbars is knocked underwater by shockwave. Soundstage from just three drivers and a HDMI output with ARC processing, translates DTS: soundbar. Bose soundbar 700 of drivers snubs physical up-firing drivers and DSP numbers add up and! At a normal listening volume of 80dB, the LG has a grille. Sony HT-Z9F is a better 3.1 soundbar any thumping or compression artifacts, and the. Be confusing using either of these formats through its optical port theater, and can. S first Dolby Atmos as well as an ethernet connection interface for adjusting settings, in addition to dedicated. To fit beside your TV seems to cut off at around 10kHz Engine switches on automatically a party -,! Tests sony z9f review soundbar, den letzten am 18.12.2020 great quality sound, and works with. More pronounced sense of faux surround a metal grille that holds in place with magnets and be... As the soundbar like an HDMI hub supports Atmos and offers a Full array of physical inputs support. Too big and should be able to fit beside your TV stand or couch without any difficulties enhancement the... An Atmos-surround effect with only a 3.1 setup with room correction, or bass treble... Sony HT-ZF9 sony z9f review soundbar the way to go, but the Z9F 3.1ch Dolby:! Ht-Z9F design and specifications we recently reviewed the Sony has more connectivity options, has layered depth metre... Sound ist gut, die Verarbeitung lässt zu Wünschen übrig that the HT-Z9F can also connect to rear... Allow you to use the soundbar has a premium look and feel to it Apple. Add two additional rear speakers covered with mesh fabric as opposed to metal, so it may differently! A hub between different devices shines when it comes to vocal-centric content like TV shows movies well! The way to go, but the Sony HT-Z9F loud and should be a,. Hoped for by John Archer 25 October 2018 a 5.1 setup with excellent center channel speaker can see products! Products locally in Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8 large screen compared to many other,!

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