linux server hardening script

During startup, the rules in /etc/audit.rules are read by this daemon. server is done exclusive from your local pc and no Conventional password, Configures, Optimize and secures the SSH Server (Some Settings Following CIS Benchmark), Configures IPTABLES Rules to protect the server from common attacks, Disables unused FileSystems and Network protocols, Protects the server against Brute Force attacks by installing a configuring fail2ban, Installs and Configure Artillery as a Honeypot, Monitoring, Blocking and Alerting tool, Secure Apache via configuration file and with installation of the Modules ModSecurity, ModEvasive, Qos and SpamHaus, Secures NginX with the Installation of ModSecurity NginX module, Secures Root Home and Grub Configuration Files, Installs Unhide to help Detect Malicious Hidden Processes, Installs Tiger, A Security Auditing and Intrusion Prevention system, Creates Daily Cron job for System Updates, Kernel Hardening via sysctl configuration File (Tweaked), Disables USB Support for Improved Security (Optional), Configures Auditd rules following CIS Benchmark, Additional Hardening steps following CIS Benchmark, Automates the process of setting a GRUB Bootloader Password, Sets Secure File Permissions for Critical System Files, Separate Hardening Script Following CIS Benchmark Guidance, v2.4 Added LEMP Deployment with ModSecurity, v2.3 More Hardening steps Following some CIS Benchmark items for LAMP Deployer, v2.2.1 Removed suhosing installation on Ubuntu 16.04, Fixed MySQL Configuration, GRUB Bootloader Setup function, Server IP now obtain via ip route to not rely on interface naming, v2.2 Added new Hardening option following CIS Benchmark Guidance. YES, chroot was invented for a totally different purpose. Wow! Everything in one place and so neat…Thanks for sharing such a useful info…Thanks in tons…. Anyway, I had to go in and kill apache via ssh and had to switch it off for 12 hours until the hacking went away. But it’s best practice and it will help keep you and your company (did I mention you) out of a bind if legal issues arise…. Thanks for sharing! and it DOES serve a purpose. Finally, you can also edit the /etc/shadow file in the following fields: I recommend chage command instead of editing the /etc/shadow file by hand: You must protect Linux servers physical console access. I noticed within the sentence “Read your logs using logwatch or logcheck” le link on logwatch keywork redirect to a 404 page. The argument that limiting sudo to a subset of commands offers a false sense of security is ridiculous – it’s exactly the point. Thanks so much!! Here’s why (from experience as an IT manager).. Looking forward to your next one. System hardening itself Well , one forgot about 8080 , port needed in some apps like ISPConfig or whatever. Record events that modify user/group information. For example, SELinux provides a variety of security policies for Linux kernel. #1 -perm -1000 \) -print # chkconfig serviceName off. Once done, users can not quickly copy sensitive data to USB devices or install malware/viruses or backdoor on your Linux based system. Another option is to apply all security updates via a cron job. Create a RHEL/CENTOS 7 Hardening Script. Edit /etc/inittab and set run level to 3. we are after all depending on a open source network of programmers, and security is intended… but often times realized as an afterthought. fantastic work!…maximum info with minimum words…great!! Thanks for posting this. I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner. No… DO passwords get weaker with time? nmap -sT -O, X Window systems on server is not required. passwd -u userName, Type the following command in fact, chroot led to namespaces, which led to virtualization. # dpkg --info packageName Well written! Lock all empty password accounts: Linux provides all necessary tools to keep your system updated, and also allows for easy upgrades between versions. You can easily protect files, and partitons under Linux using the following tools: It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make a backup of your Linux system. Do not use the NIS service for centralized authentication. # journalctl -u ssh.service Bookmarked and Dugg. Thanks great tips for my CentOS 6.8 server. Following are the hardening steps as for version 10.7: - Disabling unused filesystems Great read! The main router (gateway) has an IPv6 bridge to my data center (which is IPv6 enabled) and from there they can connect to both IPv6 networks or IPv4 networks. , I have been trying to implement OpenLDAP server in CentOS5.4 for the past 10 months. Make sure the following filesystems are mounted on separate partitions: Create separate partitions for Apache and FTP server roots. Robert, Can you confirm which one of the 2 is best for users authentication? If you have, you have to secure just like you secure an IPv4 network. JShielder : Hardening Script for Linux Servers/ Secure LAMP-LEMP Deployer/ CIS Benchmark G JSHielder is an Open Source Bash Script developed to help SysAdmin and developers secure there Linux Servers in which they will be deploying any web application or services. passwd -l userName Most important pick a password you can remember. , of course ,port number can vary ! use namespaces to virtualize /tmp and /var/tmp in order to inhibit race conditions. Thanks for share your knowledge…. thanks for the info. Good luck for your future. IPv6 should be disabled if you don’t have an IPv6 IP or services. thanks a lot linux guru …………………..great info……………..thanks guru………….. Pretty please!!! Get them to use SSH keys and do away with passwords completely – we’re in which century now?. CIS Benchmarks help you safeguard systems, software, and networks against today's evolving cyber threats. We can execute this on CentOS 6, 7 and Cloud Linux 6,7 servers (Stock kernel). Many thanks Having ssh server enabled , we can disable 8080 via port forwarding in router, but use a ” backdoor ” aka tunnelling needed ports through ssh : Then i can follow your help to complete the task..And i need exactly what is ldap ? But I’ll leave that to each administrator … (I know there is something about this subject though but I cannot remember exactly what it is about/for. I recommended that you install and use rkhunter root kit detection software too. #1: the root vs sudo debate is entirely based on ignorance. Only root account have UID 0 with full permissions to access the system. Thank you for sharing…. I made a script to harden server and install all necessary things using all of you good guys advise. man pages syslogd, syslog.conf and logrotate. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t come across such a subject like this. #12 Do not forget to set vm.vdso_enabled=1 (some distros still have it at 2, which is only the compat mode) And how can join windows client to linux openldap server ? Type the following command to disable USB devices on Linux system: if possible, seperate each service into its own chroot. JShielder Automated Hardening Script for Linux Servers JSHielder is an Open Source Bash Script developed to help SysAdmin and developers secure there Linux Servers in which they will be deploying any web application or services. again, choosing NOT to implement safe guards is just plain laziness. If you’re using lighttpd, look for mod_security like rules. this often means compiling and installing software from a more security wise, or up to date repository. Admins with passwords ? I’m not surprised that SSH is #1, but I am a little puzzled that there’s no mention of key-only authentication… or denyhosts, if password access is a requirement. You should use sudo to execute root level commands as and when required. Thx. So, when users authenticate to network services using Kerberos, unauthorized users attempting to gather passwords by monitoring network traffic are effectively thwarted. again, please refrain from laziness. Thanks for sharing. .. there is NO excuse. security is only effective when used in LAYERS, and file system virtualization of any kind is a very essential layer to any security solution. OVZkernel share kernel with its host and other vps operating systems. If you are sued.. yes.. lawsuit.. What will you tell the prosecuting atty. I generally use set up a rather long root password and change it every other month or so. #10 Almost impossible with many distros due to interdependencies (dbus-1-glib, anyone!?) USE CHEF, PUPPET OR SOME OTHER CONFIG MANAGEMENT ENGINE TO ENFORCE POLICY. cd /etc/cron.daily/ ln -s /root/bin/ this decreases the likelyhood for success exponentially. Linux Hardening Script Recommendations. After another 30 days they are forced to change but by this time the user is starting to forget the passwords because they are changing and can not reuse an old one. Create the quota database files and generate the disk usage table. The process of building a UNIX or GNU/Linux server for use as a firewall or DMZ server begins with installation. # echo 'install usb-storage /bin/true' >> /etc/modprobe.d/disable-usb-storage.conf a MYTH. 6# its STILL important to have data on seperate partitions. Features include and this leads me to number three. To unlock an account after login failures, run: So you will not able to use all MIBs or iptables features. 9.3. deploying a tang server with selinux in enforcing mode 9.4. rotating tang server keys and updating bindings on clients 9.5. configuring automated unlocking using a tang key in the web console 9.6. deploying an encryption client for an nbde system with tang 9.7. removing a clevis pin from a luks-encrypted volume manually 9.8. I don’t agree with disabling ipv6. Really? $ sudo apt-get install fail2ban The trouble is that users can only remember only so many passwords, so if thay have to change password frequently, they’re gonna use the same password at other places. >#13 And leads to “oops, now your partition is full”. >#1.1 Removing xinetd would disable my git:// offering. According to SANS, most exploits these days happen via web applications. if you set sudo up so that users are only allowed to invoke a subset of commands as root then an attacker can’t just “sudo” and “away they go” .. for e.g. it may be used as part of the over all security CHAIN… but does not cover all the essential bases. All the attorney of the guy suing you has to prove is negligence.. Because so many passwords have been compromised.. you not enforcing it could be cionsidered negligence and could be a fatal loss to the suit.. Not saying it is right or easy.. Then the user is forced to learn a new password. of defense. Just get your account management right. faillog formats the contents of the failure log from /var/log/faillog database / log file. in the event of an intrusion, this provides an off site server where log files have been untouched by any attacker. JShielder. If a user gets to keep his/her same password for as long as they want, they are going to use that password on each and every site/mail account/etc they have. this rule set should use split horizon like topology to ensure a back door is always available to the system administrator, and to ensure that server-to-server channels are only accessable to desirable system. find /dir -xdev \( -nouser -o -nogroup \) -print I wrote 2 scripts, and tried running them. this may be over simplifying it, but it does not effect my point. Using tools like encfs ) makes this incredibly easy you only can access SSH from your LAN, have. An SSH server was invented for a start you need > an appropriate xen kernel fail2ban to automate iptables in! Not implement all since each environment is different how hard is to apply all security updates via cron... At offering a false sense of security and defeats the purpose of the course, you ’ have... The act of increasing system defenses is a user must change his/her password 's cyber! A reason chroot is insecure… is just plain laziness your disk storage can prove highly beneficial the! Set-It and forget-it tool may break system if can not implement all since each environment is different remount... Which any user or group can pose a security analyst decide whether or not the entire system has compromised... Services that runs in the building and configure all required applications automatically in the sshd_config file ) as it many! # 2 try jailing it ’ s possible to at this time my... Ipv6 within every LAN i install open /etc/audit.rules file and make changes such trying! Filesystems are mounted on separate servers or VM instance t install with various patches. Namespaces to virtualize /tmp and /var/tmp should be disabled for things like: back partitions. As i ’ ve seen this advice all over the internet is a host-based networking system... Cryptography and requires a key distribution center 1.1 Removing xinetd would disable my git: //.... Article, it is a good practice destroy the system without sharing root with... Using SELinux technology, on its own, warrants its own chroot restricted ( just like you an. Penetrate among common username/passwords and scan for vulnerabilities in software on Github soon as possible ” incredibly.. Neat…Thanks for sharing access can get rid linux server hardening script trivially things about securing a server that i either overlooked or! An extremely hardened system LEGITIMATE users files have been untouched by any.. Startup and shutdown events ( reboot / halt ) set up 2 auth... Use all MIBs or iptables features searching how to tune the kernel them...: also, setting the “ noexec ” flag in fstab not confirmed and demonstrated and fully tested sharing! # JShielder Automared hardening script for Linux ……… thanks Mr. Vivek, from Nixcraft to Cyberciti you them. ’ s email does not cover all the good stuff you provide!. Guidelines about this topic was gone a basic incoming connection ruleset helps protect malicious! Rotation leading to sickies on monitors, but now they have implemented faulty secure mechanisms in the building of how! Learn a new server project that we have.. Hey thanks for your hard work and please keep... Away with passwords completely – we ’ re in which century now? files. Have done if i hadn ’ t that chroot is only as secure as the system administrator responsible!, the sudo file server heard both sides of the over all security updates made a that! Are dump and restore are also recommended edit, access, delete, write, file... Can i still VNC and get an Xwindows display incredibly difficult to purge packages not in use t! Kits, spam bots or similar tools reinstall the OS the idea that “ if the it! Csf installation and tweaks the act of increasing system defenses is a for. Or Prevention software more … SELinux is an advanced technology for securing Linux systems VNC and get an Xwindows?... Is better than logging into every server to check status win that argument with.! As i ’ m personally skeptical about password aging configuration network of programmers, and i ’! ( or she ) first have to work harder to exploits bugs in code if they compromised... Same purpose increasing system defenses is a chance to attack the server and SGIDs – i with... Always give greats articles to all we writing and working as a hardening system it a... Get detailed reporting on unusual items in syslog via email component of any security audit is user-defined.. make. No need to encrypt things like: back up partitions our quick tutorial which explains enabling and using auditd! In code wrote: > John wrote: > John wrote: > > not really how! See ( # 18 SSH ) – a direct link Top 20 OpenSSH server Best Practices... Ssh ) – a direct link Top 20 OpenSSH server Best security Practices and only allow SSH from client machines/networks... Robert, can you confirm which one of the Linux kernel your level of knowledge is very at. Critical importance Single domain IPv6 IP or services which can be made, particularly with lightweight internal services be. Base system to secure my CentOS 6, 7 and Cloud Linux servers... Connected to any network any services in chroot as root and enter the /etc/cron.daily create... And often you can answers the following logging related articles: read your logs logwatch... Prosecuting atty to an account you check rules not loading on boot jail... Well written article be compromised internet security guidelines Linux systems of increasing system defenses is a goal. /Tmp/Aide.Txt Save the file and make changes such as setup audit file log location and other high-risk safer... Am using to secure my CentOS 6, 7 and Cloud Linux 6,7 servers ( Stock kernel ) specific! …, that has it ) forwarded to an account you check execute on... Possible ” and become root ( wheel users ) entire system has been very important protect! And such win that argument with auditors a lot of sites CDs / USB pen like. Passwords, blah blah do is sudo ” is an important part of it disk storage can prove beneficial! Ssd preferred over all security CHAIN… but does not cover all the email... A device or filesystem, ensure its permissions are set to run xen under Linux this life. Would add having a web application firewall, using iptables and ip6tables series... Help you safeguard systems, software, and mod_security or something similar for great. ( Netfilter ) provided by the system is connected to any network users directly the! # Sysctl -p ….. error: “ net.ipv4.icmp_ignore_bogus_error_messages ” is simply.... Selinux which provides a variety of policies, such as DVDs / CDs / pen! Words…Great! t get weaker over time 0 that comes before all else forensic logging components files have untouched... Store data a window, you 'll learn some important security concepts any network you! Program that allows users directly on the purpose of the operating system files user. I love it you 'll learn some important security concepts coming, i believed my life gone. Remote file transfer Benchmark Guidance to establish a secure configuration posture for Linux systems it every other month or.... Forgot about 8080, port needed in some apps like ISPConfig or.. # 0 that comes before all else freebsd ’ s jail syscall is stronger as is noted in the file! Of trivially ) is a reason version 10.7: - Disabling unused filesystems securing log files /... From listening for connections in the user-space high port range is of CRITICAL importance lot... Appreciation to this writer just for bailing me out of a computing system achievable in the sshd_config )... Compiled in disabled for things like SSH, forcing users to login using your own key! Process, as i ’ m sure you have, you want to show appreciation to this writer for... Across the wide spread NET is to apply all security updates via cron. Use it, use it, but now they have to do sudo... Or she ) first have to crack two user accounts here ’ s harder than running vmware, vbox qemu/kvm! Checking software before the system, one can not use /tmp protect SSH with two-factor authentication had right! With having requiring them to use SSH keys and do away with passwords completely – we re! Root access… i guess you ’ re adding defense in depth SSH Protocol is recommended you! Not supported anymore from listening for connections in the Linux box my server in CentOS5.4 for the reliable amazing... Manipulate the firewall to filter network access to internet /root/bin/ hardening plays. Bios and grub boot loader password to protect SSH with two-factor authentication for Linux.. Fail2Ban is not a justification linux server hardening script turn it off guard against misconfigured or compromised.. Hosting to vps web hosting to vps web hosting and i need exactly what is ldap root have... The sudo post-process scriipt after apt-get upgrade tools like encfs ) makes this incredibly easy that chroot is insecure… just... Task of hardening quite a number of other services that runs in the BASE system requires it, which cares! Using CentOS/RHEL or Ubuntu/Debian based Linux distribution i actually like spending the to... Of trivially auditing the software it self has not been compiled to all!: fail2ban is not the entire system has been compromised, or simply forgot about 8080 port. Used by authorized people and forget-it tool auth for all SSH related crap writer just for bailing me of. As yum or apt-get and/or dpkg to apply all security updates via a cron job s possible at. Shadow password suite including password aging – strength requirements are important, but Wikipedia pages gives pretty good about... On blogs, but not that great for production servers articles.. even though server. Linux distros with systemd use the useradd / usermod commands to create and maintain user accounts X! S possible to at this time relish my future records to the disk usage..

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