while loop in php mysql

The idea of creating such a function is wrong. I am very new to mysql and php but trying to learn. Note: This function sets NULL fields to the PHP null value. Start New Topic. WHILE MyCondition DO--Commands. The basic idea behind a loop is to automate the repetitive tasks within a program to save the time and effort. I am using php to display the data of the two columns id & product_name in each row. The article contains information about the while loop in MySQL and its usage. Different Types of Loops in PHP. We equally welcome both specific questions as well as open-ended discussions. Conceptually, a foreach is more appropriate, as a while loop has connotations of looping while a static condition holds, whereas foreach loops over elements of a collection. May 02, 2008 05:57PM Re: Using while loop to display contents of a … Using while loop to display contents of a table. But the problem is that I'm running a mysql_query within a while loop, which I was told I should avoid. It is my understanding that a mysql_fetch_array will only return 1 row unless it is used in conjunction with a while loop, which then should return all rows. Read "Differences between a while loop and a for loop in PHP… PHP & MySql WHILE loop 3 ; Not what you need? So if you don't want to use a while loop, but you still want to print the first and, for example, the fifth row, you can move the pointer using mysql_data_seek: mysql_data_seek() moves the internal row pointer of the MySQL result associated with the specified result identifier to point to the specified row number. Reach out to all the awesome people in our web development community by starting your own topic. I have a question regarding using a while loop to display the contents of a table. foreach and while you will need more often than for. The while loop, which is one of the loops used in programming languages, is used for repetitive operations according to a condition. Note: In a do...while loop the condition is tested AFTER executing the statements within the loop. While Loop in MySQL. This means that the do...while loop will execute its statements at least … Functionally, the foreach and while implementations are equivalent. Im trying to build an online tool checkout application, so Im working with script 10.5 to pull (tool names) from a database to populate a table. 1. September 5, 2014, 2:01am #1. combining SQL and HTML in one function is a sign of VERY BAD design. I am using a while loop to attempt to extract data from two columns in all of the rows of the table. PHP. PHP supports four different types of loops. Hi guys, I have two tables. add_comment Reply to this Topic Topics Feed. An important thing to note is that using mysql_fetch_assoc() is not significantly slower than using mysql_fetch_row(), while it provides a significant added value. adamschroeder. I need to be able to select multiple tools (using checkboxes), and then submit that form to a shopping cart. Note: Field names returned by this function are case-sensitive. Dave Scheuerman. 2. Loops are used to execute the same block of code again and again, as long as a certain condition is met. Okay, here is complete code:

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